MUSIC CURRENT 2021, Composition Workshop

Music Current Composition Workshop 2021)

MUSIC CURRENT FESTIVAL 2021 continues! The composer participation stream, which has been the central professional development activity within the festival is continuing throughout 2021 and has now been expanded to include collaboration opportunities with instrumentalists. Formerly this scheme took place within the body of the festival activities each April, but this year a group of eight composers and five instrumentalists will collaborate to develop a programme of new works for presentation in the postponed festival later in 2021.

The group will also meet online with festival guest composers Alexander Schubert and Brigitta Muntendorf in a series of roundtable discussions throughout 2021. This year the programme involves a wide range of composers and instrumentalists at all career stages, so the collaborative nature of the programme and the opportunity for shared development remains a core objective of the programme despite the ongoing travel restrictions this year.

Details of performance and broadcast dates will be published here later in 2021 and on our newsletter and social media pages. This year's participating composers and instrumentalists are: