Octophonies II
Project Arts Centre, Dublin
23 October 2010

Dublin Sound Lab, Marja Gaynor, Octophonies, Project Arts Centre, Dublin Photo: Declan English

Music for violin and eight loudspeakers. Finnish violinist Marja Gaynor performs two fascinating computer-mediated works by Irish composers Ann Cleare and Scott McLaughlin, together with Barry Truax's astonishing electronic masterpiece 'Riverrun', inspired by James Joyce's 'Finnegan's Wake'. Performers: Marja Gaynor (violin), Fergal Dowling (electronics). Supported by the Arts Council.

Ann Cleare, IRK (violin and live electronics)
Scott McLaughlin, Primes (violin and live electronics)
Barry Truax, Riverrun (8-track tape)
Roderik de Man, Spazio Piccolo (violin solo)
Karen Tanaka, Wave Mechanics II (violin and tape)