St Teresa's Church, Dublin
21 November 2008


New works for organ, computer, double bass and violin, with Michael Quinn (organ), Fergal Dowling (computer), Marja Gaynor (violin), Mercedes Carroll (double bass). Supported by the Arts Council.

Karlheinz Essl, Fontana Mixer (2004) generative sound environment after John Cage
Karlheinz Essl, More or Less (1999-2007) computer-controlled soloists
Peter Ablinger, Violine Und Rauschen ("Veronica") (1995/96) violin and CD
Mauricio Kagel, Raga (from Rrrrr......, 1981) organ
Mauricio Kagel, Rossignols (from Rrrrr......, 1981) organ
Karen Power, Cows, Coffee, Birds, Bees and a New Room (2007), double bass and CD
Peter Ablinger, Orgel Und Weltempfänger (1999) organ and FM-receiver
Wim de Ruiter, Whim (1997) violin and organ
Karlheinz Essl
, Sequitur-III (2008) violin and computer
Fergal Dowling
, Stops (2008) organ, violin, double bass, and computer